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Cooking Lessons with Chef Dimitris Agorastos

  • Hands-on cooking class with Chef Dimitris Agorastos
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Learn about the Mediterranean diet
  • Get to know the secrets of Greek cuisine
  • Enjoy the meal with your fellow classmates
  • Accompany the meal with Complimentary local ouzo & tsipouro
  • Price : 40 Euro per person

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Tour to famous landmarks such as Olympus, Meteora, Vergina - Agorastos Rooms

Tour to famous landmarks such as Olympus, Meteora, Vergina

It will be our pleasure to show you around the beauties of our land! We organize daily tours to famous landmarks of the area such as Olympus, Meteora, Vergina. We'll visit museums and archaeological sites, enjoy the nature, introduce you to the local culture and share with you tips of the local cuisine.

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Tours to Traditional Landmarks - Agorastos Rooms

Tours to Traditional Landmarks

Join us for a tour to nearby landmarks. We'll visit the imposing Platamonas Castle, Paleos Panteleimonas village. We'll hike Olympus Mountain which was the home of Greek Ancient Gods and arrange horse riding tours.

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Visit to Local Wineries - Agorastos Rooms
Visit to Local Wineries

Enjoy a wine tasting experience in Macedonia, one of the most prestigious wine producing regions in Greece. See how Greek wine is produced on a tour through famous Greek wineries and enjoy a tasting of their wine as well. We'll visit Dougos, Karipidis, Katsarou, Dalamara, Kelesidi Wineries.

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