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Agorastos Rooms is located in Platamonas, a sea-side resort in Pieria.
The lively city of Platamonas has a big variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and supermarkets.

It is close to the Ancient City of Dion which is the sacred city of the ancient Macedonians and Leivithra, the birthplace of the famous musician Orpheus.
It is situated at the foothills of Mount Olympus, which is known as the residence of the 12 Olympian Gods. This blessing place combines the mountain era with the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.
Olympus! The residence of the greek gods of the Ancient Greek Mythology, the highest mountain in

Greece and maybe your next travel destination. Many factors contribute to making Olympus an ideal summer destination, however we shall only mentions some of them.

First of all it's worth mentioning Olympus National Park. It is a land of highly ecological significance, with more than 1700 plant species, which is approximately 25% of the total amount of the Greek flora. 26 of these species can only be found in mount Olympus! There is also a wide variety of vertebrate and spineless animals. You can find further information at https/

You can have the chance to explore all these with a walk to the many trails of Olympus. It's worth mentioning the route leading to Pronia and to Orlia watterfalls, where you can also swim.

Our hotel organises group excursion covering your transrortation towards and from the trails back to our hotel. In addition we can arrange for guided tours if asked.

Apart from the ecological interest the area shows a great cultural heritage too. Just a breath away from the famous ancient castle of Platamon, which guests many concerts. The traditional village of old Panteleimon is something worth visiting. Dion's archaelogical Museum and the ancient theatre are just 20km away from Platamon.

Pieria has also a gastronomical variety which is really interesting. Wildpig, mussels and shrimps are certainly worth tasting and you can enjoy them at our hotel's kitchen cooked (made) by Dimitris Agorastos.
Agorastos Boutique is the sequence of a fully renovated family business. The hotel is situated in Platamon, within a 5 minute walking distance from the centre of the city and the beach but yet in a site where you can relax away from the centre's noise. Dimitris goal is for the hotel to be a place where you can enjoy your holidays, relax and have a gastronomical experience trying all the products of the local cuisine and its pure ingredients . There will be excursions to local wineries taking place and many gastronomical evets within our hotel premises.

Finally, excursions to the wonder of nature, Meteora and the monasteries at the top of the cliffs will be organised by our hotel. The city of Thessaloniki and Tempi Valley are also worth visiting.